The Band

The St Peters band is an all-age, all-ability group! It plays most weeks at the 9:15 modern service in the church hall, and sometimes a smaller group play on other occasions. The aim is to allow all musicians to use their gifts in worship in the church and especially to provide music for the more modern songs and hymns.

The Choirs

We have three choirs associated with St Peter’s:

Junior Choir – A lively group of 30+ 7-16 year olds.

Adult Choir – A slightly less lively group of about 17 singers aged 13 to ??.

St Peters’ Singers – A group of about 30 singers made up of the Adult Choir and other members of the congregation who sing for special services and concerts.

The Organ

We have a high-quality Wyvern digital organ.

The Piano

We are grateful to the Friends of St Peters (FOSP) for the donation of the Grand Piano and to a generous member of the congregation who donated the money for the new organ.