Caring for each other

Caring for each other

Loving our ‘neighbour’ is very much part of Christ’s teaching and many people, quietly and unobtrusively, are caring for, visiting and helping those in our parish who are in need of a little extra support for short periods or long term. Caring is the responsibility of us all, but below are some of our church’s ways of caring.

“CONTACT” Scheme

We have over 90 reps, one for virtually every road in our town. They welcome newcomers, and look out for anyone in need of support.

Personal Needs

Our aim is to “be there” to help in whatever way we can in times of personal need. All we do is on a confidential basis of course. Listening at a deep level plays a frequent role and also walking alongside those suffering terminal illness or a crisis in their lives.

Practical Help

We provide meals in an emergency, transport to church and do shopping.


We currently work with who will be offering free mortgage advice to anyone that needs it, given the current circumstances it can be advisavble to speak with a specialist if you are struggling or looking at your current mortgage. Get Me My Mortgage have a nationwide network of mortgage brokers specialising in self employed mortgages, bad credit mortgages and commercial mortgages.


If you know of anyone in our town who is housebound and who would like a visit please let us know. The clergy can also arrange visits to people in local hospitals.


We hope that you will be made welcome at all services. Please stay behind after the 9:15 Sunday service for (real) coffee. It’s one of the ‘perks’.


A member of the team visits and helps prepare those getting ready for baptism. Video sessions are held and anyone interested in Baptism can attend prior to making a booking.

Wedding Preparation

Couples are invited to attend marriage preparation sessions. Couples usually find the evenings useful and informative, and fun!

Home Communion

People in our town can receive communion in their own home when they are not able to attend the church services. In addition regular Communion Services are held at residential homes and sheltered flats.